Pick Your Own Apples

Have you ever eaten an apple that you picked yourself off a tree? It can't get any fresher! All picking is from the ground, no ladders necessary, so even the smallest family member can be part of the fun.

Nothing beats a cool, crisp fall day in the orchard, with bright red or golden yellow apples just ripe for picking! Bags are provided so you can fill them with your favorite varieties. Mix them up if you wish! Our Pick-Your-Own season begins around Labor Day with McIntosh and Jonamac apples and continues through late October when Golden Delcious and Ida Reds ripen. In between you can pick Cortland, Macoun, Empire, Red Delicious, and Mutsu. All your favorites for eating or baking!

Pick-Your-Own is open early September to late October on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at both the Home Farm and Sunnymount locations from 10:00-5:00, weather permitting. Don't miss a real taste of New England autumn; plan your trip to Rogers Orchards!

Pick Your Own Fruit or Select From Our Wide Variety of Local Farm Fresh Fruit Available at Our Stores

Rogers Orchards has farm fresh Apples, Peaches and other fruits are available at different times throughout the year.

To view our complete list of fruit varieties and a schedule of when they are availible both to pick and to purchase at one of our two store locations, click the calendar icon below.